Real estat appraisals for exclusive home and properties on Mallorca

Garten in Son Marroig

Life on the north-eastern part of the island of Mallorca is exciting for many people from all parts of the world. In order to find just the right residential space and a comfortable residential apartment for young and old in Artà, Capdepera, Son Servera, Manacor and Cala Ratjada, we specialised on the sale of residential properties in this area. Benefit of our know-how as experienced brokers, for whom Mallorca has become a real home. We are familiar with all residential locations in Artà and surroundings so that we can ensure a current and realistic value expert´s report as part of a sales contract. Tell us about your house or your apartment in this region and we will review every detail of your property with you.

Our value dterminations are based on many important criteria such as the structural substance and the infrastructure surrounding the residential object. Experience your apartment with sea views from a new perspective so that you can be pleased about the value when selling to nice, potential and solvent buyers. Our value expert reports are the basis for making your decisions on the sales price. We will also be happy to advise you when determining the offer price so that you neither advertis the price too cheaply or too expensively. 

Quick contract handling for demanding property owners

The more the purchase price of the expert´s report corresponds to the prevailing value on the market, the more probable is the quick and succesful search for a suitable buyer for a residential property in the north-eastern part of Mallorca. If a finca is offered at a too high price in the daily newspaper and on the Internet, then potential buyers will hesitate to enter into contracutal negotiations. But a sales price that is set too low for an apartment near the beach can be a mistake because the seller is forgoing a portion of his revenue. In order for you to get the right equivalent value for your ideally located porperty on the island, we will be available to your fora detailed conversation about the appraisals expert´s report and all assocciated questions.

Earning power, comparative values and real values - appraisal of properties on Mallorca

Homes, apartments and properties in the north-eastern part of Mallorca can be appraised by using different methods. Upon request, we can also create comparisons of different appraisal methods so that you can optimally present your property for sale. For the earning power method, for example, that is of interest to you if you want to sell a rentable holiday property, the value is determined through the capilisation of the net revenue. The higher the possible profit, the higher the possible sales price might be. 

Not only the revenue but also pure real value is included in the appraisal in the real value process. Thus, real value is usually based on the initial costs minus th the time value, which can often be more of a profit than a minus these days. The value of real estate grows year after year, especially on an island with narrow land area. You can also take this future forecast into account for pricing with us. A good residential location will usually be a very good residential location in ten years because living with a sea view will also be limited due to the number of construction sites. 

Ultimately there is also the comparative value method. For this method, the sales prices for the surrounding comparable residential properties are analysed. However, these values are always on approximate values because the real estate market on Mallorca is very dynamic. By the end of the contractual negotiations, you are free to decide for another buyer to what extent you wish to disclose the option if this had been mentioned in all conversations with a potential buyer. We will bring your sale to an extremely promising conclusion with us as the broker at your side.

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